Jayda is an independent drummer from Barrie, Ontario, Canada, she first tried the drums in January 2017 at the age of 11 and quickly realized how much she enjoyed drumming. Jayda took drum lessons for about 3 months and has been self taught ever since. Her biggest drum influences are ‘The Rev’, Brooks Wackerman, Chris Adler, and Jay Weinberg. Jayda currently runs an Instagram account of over 16 thousand amazing followers as well as a YouTube Channel where she posts full drum covers and short movies that she enjoys making in her spare time to entertain her viewers. Jayda’s goal is to motivate, inspire and entertain others around the globe. Her dream for the future is to become a full time creator on Youtube as well as a professional drummer.




Jay Laws is a multi-instrumentalist from the city of Toronto Ontario Canada. He was introduced to music through his late parents Jeff Laws & Marva Laws. Growing up in the church with his parents and other musical influences Jay's interest and love for music turned into a passion - watching and learning from his father who was a drummer keyboardist and vocalist. His parents saw the passion and desire has up till today for music with that. Jay plays the Hammond organ the electric bass and drums and a vocalist as well as he has debut album on all digital outlets called colours of worship produced and arranged by him and played multiple instruments and sang on the album Jay has been very fortunate to have shared with artists such as Melanie Durrant, Melanie Fiona, Keshia Chante, Glenn Lewis Birdman and Drake.

Jay was introduced to Red Cymbals by gospel drumming icon and artist of Red Cymbals Terry Baker who is one of Jay's biggest influences in music and his approach to music. Jay endeavours to spread peace love joy and hope through the gift of music.