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Red Cymbals

Red Cymbals re.vol Series Prototype - ONLY 1 of each!

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These cymbals are prototypes that we created to try different sounds. They were demoed in the video below and released to the public to vote on. There is only 1 of each cymbal available and #5 was given away as a part of the promotion.

If we sell out of the cymbal you want, we can make another one for you.

re.vol is an abbreviation for Reduced Volume. The re.vol series is volume reduced by approximately 20% due to the laser drilled holes around the bell and edge of the cymbals. The effect of the holes is to reduce the overtones of the cymbals and shorten the decay. They are great for use in environments where less overtones and wash are needed to help the cymbal 'get out of the way' quicker.

Check out the demo Below.

Visit our YouTube Channel for more videos

If you have any questions about cymbals, please email Dylan at before you order.