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Vertical Drum Co. Noah Smith Pro Model 6.5×14 Snare Drum CUSTOM ORDER MADE IN THE USA

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The Vertical Drum Co. Noah Smith Pro Model 6.5×14 Snare Drum is hand made in the USA.

We are the Australian and New Zealand Distributors - however if you are outside of Australia or New Zealand go directly to the Vertical Drum Co. to order.
Is the drum OUT OF STOCK? We have these made to order and don't always carry stock. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your snare if out of stock. We will always endeavour to get it to you sooner of course.
See below for demos and specs on this snare:
  • 6.5×14 raw brass shell with clear lacquer
  • premium brass 3.5″ tube lugs
  • diecast brass hoops
  • Inde throw off
  • Puresound 24 snare wires
  • 10-lug construction for max versatility
  • Evans Hydraulic (black) batter head
  • Evans 300 snare side head


Introducing our Noah Smith Pro Model 6.5×14 snare!  As our first pro model with Vertical Drum Co, we had to make sure this one shine.  Noah is one of the most insane drummers we know and our standard models just wouldn’t fit the bill for his variety of needs.  He grew up playing gospel and now plays for a long list of artists in every genre from rap to modern worship.  He’s an independent artist from Cincinnati, Ohio who currently resides in Atlanta but you may have seen him on kit behind William McDowell, Teddy Swims, Andy Mineo and plenty more.

For this snare we had to make sure it could do it all.  We wanted Noah to be able to crank it high and get everything really crisp for a gospel gig while at the same time get it low and vibey for a worship set.  It had to be as versatile as possible so it could work for anything Noah’s playing.  So, that’s exactly what we did.  We grabbed our raw brass Refrain 6.5×14 and tricked it out in every way possible.  Puresound 24 snare wires to make it ultra-sensitive, all premium hardware to make sure it can hold up to 200+ shows per year, Evans Hydraulic batter head for every tuning imaginable, and cast brass hoops for that extra crack and weight up top.  This snare really can handle anything you throw it’s way.  For you super nerds out there like myself, I tuned it up to 350hz during our demos and had it as low as 150hz.  And it never sounded bad!  Limited ring and sustain when tuned extra high, and a super fat tone when tuned extra low.  Everything in between was money as well.

This model is only available in brass hardware with an Inde throw.  If you want chrome, black or satin hardware please see our Refrain 6.5×14 and upgrade it to diecast hoops by special order.

Put on some headphones so you can hear the sound quality and then listen to this drum in action with three different tunings.

High Tuning Demo


Medium Tuning Demo


Low Tuning Demo