About Red Cymbals

Red Cymbals are an Australian company whose cymbals are meticulously handcrafted in Istanbul Turkey using methods that are part of a time honoured tradition, spanning many centuries. We work with drummers who admire quality and demand excellence. We cater for a range of styles and sound from Dark, Dry, Trashy to Bright and can customise cymbals to suit your sound.

The point of difference is that we exist as a company to create a community of drummers who come together and back each other. We support positive mental health initiatives through donations from the sale of Red Cymbals as well as running events to promote positive well-being and mental health.

We run regular jams/drum sheds to get together and share ideas as well as to create a space where people can come and chat if they are struggling, just need a listening ear or a hand working through a life issue.

Support is offered for drummers and creative people who might be going through a tough time, to assist people in finding the help they need to stay healthy AND keep on drumming and creating!