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Gareth Gale has been playing drums and percussion almost all his life. He is arguably one of South Africa’s most respected homegrown talents, with a near-tangible passion for the art and science of drumming. It began at 12 years of age when Gareth temporarily swapped his seat behind the classical piano for a moment behind the drums and promptly fell in love.

Having completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music at UKZN in 2006, Gareth dedicated his life to drumming early on. When he is not playing, recording, or writing, he imparts his knowledge and shares his talent with a group of equally passionate students.

 Gareth is a passionate and dedicated educator and to date, has already authored a series of drum books that have assisted numerous drummers in their drumming journey. Through his experience, Gareth aims to provide students with clear, impactful, and insightful lessons that help them truly understand the skills they are developing and their application in a broad range of drumming contexts. It is Gareth’s proficiency and passion for a variety of styles that have made him a sought-after session drummer. He has recorded numerous albums with other successful South African musicians in a wide variety of styles, ranging from Hip Hop to Rock, to Acoustic Folk, and more.

In the classroom, Gareth has recently been appointed as Head of Music at Northwood High School where he will be working tirelessly to structure a music program that is globally relevant, cutting-edge, dynamic, and action-packed. Gareth's diverse range of skills and endless enthusiasm will combine to inspire students and provide them with the tools required to utilize and enjoy music in every aspect of their lives. 

Gareth truly lives his drumming career and nowhere is this more evident than in his family's drum group - The Gales Play Drums. Here, Gareth, his wife, Carey, and their two sons. Matthew and Dylan, perform enthusiastically to a variety of music, ranging from popular songs to Latin. The success of these performances speaks for themselves and their videos, listed on their Youtube channel have gone on to become household favorites for many of their supporters. 

At this stage of his career, Gareth feels like he is only getting started and he is excited about what the future holds. One thing we know for certain, Gareth will be bringing his very best to provide you with a world-class drumming experience, whether on stage, in the drum room, in the classroom, or on his YouTube channel.

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Josh Klynsmith is a drummer based out of Durban, South Africa. He started playing from the age of 10 years old and after finishing high school, he studied music and achieved a Degree in Jazz and Popular Music. He has always been passionate about performing and spent his time touring and recording for award winning artists such as Gangs of Ballet and Matthew Mole.

Josh is currently using:
15" Traditional Hi Hats

16" Glow Hi Hats

20" Traditional Crash

20" Vertical Raw Trash Crash

23" Traditional Crash

24" Vertical Raw Ride