Emery Varrie III, was Born and raised in Indiana.  He started at the early age of 3 and has had the drive each year since to make playing drums his career. Over the years he has had so many opportunities and experiences of any kind, ranging from playing in church services, to recording professionally, working with artists one on one. Over time Emery has grown and learned - taking in every bit of advice thrown at him. While he may not have been the loudest in the room Emery gained the respect from everyone through his playing, leading to him becoming a bit of a Social Media influencer, where he showcases his skills to play any genre, giving drum lessons, drum setups, some of the artistry he has out side of playing drums, and also just having a good time with the ones he call family.
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Lou Santiago Jr. has already had a remarkable musical career that is the stuff urban legends are made of. Born in New York City Lou has had some amazing career highlights including: winning the 2001 Guitar Center South East Regional Drum-Off, placing him 7th in the nation. Two years later, in 2003, he won the over 18 age division of Modern Drummer's world-wide "Undiscovered Drummer" contest and soon after toured with legendary trumpeter Maynard Ferguson in his Big Bop Nouveau Band.

Since then, Lou has gone on to work with some of the industry's finest artists, such as John Benitez, Adam Nitti, Alex Acuñ a, Luis Conte and more. Latin and English CCM artists such as Marco Barrientos, Raul Sanchez, Christine D’clario, Lamar Boschman, Jeff Deyo, Natalie Grant, Anthony Evans, Seventh Day Slumber, and many more.

In addition to performance, Lou has a passion for teaching. He has been a successful masterclass clinician, inspiring and influencing drummers of all ages both in Europe and the United States. Highlighted in Modern Drummer Magazine, Lou says his goal is, "To become a better person and drummer than I was yesterday. I sincerely believe that music both inspires and speaks to people. I pray that my drumming does the same.”

In 2008, Lou launched which was the first of its kind. The site consisted of online drumming lessons which averaged between 15-20 minutes in length being sold for $0.99. Despite its instantaneous success, Lou would later take the site down as a sacriHice in hopes to reintroduce it upon completion of a larger vision despite knowing he would lose primary online “real-estate”. The bigger vision was to incorporate medicine with drumming. Despite not being taken seriously, Lou believed in his vision and began the journey to become a health care provider.

In 2010, Lou began his undergraduate studies in Biomedical Sciences. He graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2013. While awaiting acceptance to a program in Physician Associate Studies, Lou was called to a seven-month tour with Seventh Day Slumber. Lou was accepted and attended CUNY School of Medicine and graduated Magna Cum Laude in January 2019.

Currently, Lou is a business owner, educator, and provider in several areas with the foundations being in both music and medicine. Lou practices rural medicine in the remote villages of Alaska providing medical care to the Native tribes. Prior to this Lou practiced Emergency and Urgent Care Medicine in NYC and was on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lou currently endorses the following companies: Odery Custom Drums, Toca Percussion, RED Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, Pro-Mark Drumsticks, AudioTechnica mics, Alclair in-ears.

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Social Media:
Instagram: @louthedrummer
Instagram: @99centdrumlessons
YouTube: 99centdrumlessons


Brian is New Jersey raised / currently residing in Nashville TN. Brian offers remote drum tracking, & engineering services for artists demo's records etc... He has been playing for the last 15 years: he eats, sleep & breathe drums. To chat or request Brian's services, please go follow his IG @brianclancydrums  & feel free to DM to chat further. Brian says: "I am extremely blessed to be a part of the Red Cymbals family & look forward to what the future has in store."



Kendall Williams is a gifted drummer born and raised in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas. With many years experience as a drummer under his belt, Kendall is leaving his mark on the music industry. He has used the superfluous amount of support from family and friends, to motivate him to grow and strengthen his craft. His passion for drumming manifests through his music and is apparent with the grin that is stamped on his face every time he picks up a set of drumsticks. Hoping to impact community and the world around him with his music, Kendall Williams is using his gift to bring the people closer Christ. Kendall Williams is the current drummer for Motown gospel and capital CMG artist Jonathan Traylor and is currently on his second tour. 

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There’s no one out there passionately pounding the drum kit as beautifully as Lis Viegas. The multi-talented artist has been a highly-sought after drummer since 2007. Often performing at concerts and festivals all around the US, she is known for her electrifying performances that always get the crowd going. Her infectious stage presence, improvisational skills and innate musical ability are second to none. She picked up the drums after healing from a knee injury as an athlete and has poured all her passion into the instrument ever since. Her skills have taken her all around the world performing in various groups — fusing her passion for travel with music. She plays with a wide range of acts and is currently working on her first original album. When she’s not busy beating a drum she’s surfing, hiking, snowboarding and practicing yoga.  She hopes for her music to provide positive experiences for her listeners and appreciates the craft for its therapeutic and healing qualities.

Lis is currently drumming with Balkan Bump

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Cameron Tarvin, also known as “CAM”, is a professional music producer and drummer from central TX. He has been a drummer for 20 years. He started doing session work at age 17, and started with music production a year later at 18. Since then, he’s also gone on various tours across the globe as a drummer.
Over the course of his career, Cameron has recorded and played with artists such as Forrest Frank, Lindy Cofer, Antioch Music, Eyes On Him, Jaye Thomas, and more.
He is a proud Red Cymbals artist and plays the Vertical series.


Cameron Tarvin Facebook: /cameron.tarvin77 Twitter: @camerontarvin Instagram: @camerontarvinmusic


Josh, from Oregon, is the CEO of Vertical Drum Co./drum builder/photographer/drummer and all round great guy. He started collaborating with Dylan from Red Cymbals to create the Vertical and Vertical Raw series of Red Cymbals. He has played the drums for many years in a plethora of musical settings including playing at his home church of Ekklesia Eugene in Oregon.



Born and raised in Myrtle Beach, SC, Mike Rogers, whose father Tom was a South Carolina State Fiddle Champion, took an interest in music at a very early age. He started out on drums in his Dad’s Country band and soon was backing one of the top Rock bands in Myrtle Beach. By the end of high school Rogers was backing a former Liberty Records artist on drums and considering the move to Nashville. After deciding to stay in Myrtle Beach, start a family and play at the local music theater, Rogers made the move to Nashville in 2002 where he would play drums and some acoustic guitar for the likes of Country artist Kevin Denney and Craig Morgan. After a break from the drums to concentrate on lead vocals and acoustic guitar with Bluegrass Legend Doyle Lawson, Rogers made the jump back into Country music.  Most recently he can be seen on stage as a member of Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder. While he’s normally singing backgrounds and playing acoustic guitar with Ricky on Bluegrass shows he then makes the switch over to drums for the Country portion. Rogers also includes singer, producer and songwriter to his resume. In 2009 he co-wrote on of the most played songs for that year, “Bonfire” which was recorded by Craig Morgan. Rogers is also a member of the quartet Fortune/Walker/Rogers/Isaacs. 
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Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. Ben loves to harness that power with a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike. Ever since a young age, Ben has found great joy and satisfaction in making music and sharing it with fans and people all over the world.

Ben has played the drums for amazing group of well known artists such as gospel legend Andre Crouch, ragga dub master Lee Scratch Perry, UK pop star Taio Cruz, US pop sensation Jason Derulo and Danish artist Burhan G.

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At the age of 3, Noah Marshall AKA Fid sat down on a drum kit for the first time, and it was love at first sight. Fast forward two decades, several bands, and tens of thousands of amazing listeners later, and it's safe to say he hasn't looked back. Today, Noah regularly plays with and records for various bands, churches, and artists, both live and via remote sessions in his studio - The Cockpit. His background as a recording artist, songwriter, and producer has enabled him not just to play drums, but to help creatively take each and every song he touches to the next level. He is especially passionate about helping churches encounter The Lord through worship, and in working with youth musicians to help raise up the next generation of musical and worship leaders. Noah believes that the best experiences on stage start with authentic relationships off of it, and is known for his easy going nature, work ethic, dependability, and perhaps most of all, an undeniable passion for his craft that is easily seen whenever he plays. 


Noah has played and performed with artists/bands such as Burke Community Church Worship, For The Fatherless,  Willowbrook Worship, Darren Brown, Summit Music, Unashamed, Cornerstone Community, T.B.A.R., and more.
Find out more on Noah at his WEBSITE


Jacob Newcomb is an Drummer from Ohio, United States. He records drum covers on youtube, and posts clips to Instagram. He has played the drums since he was 6 years old, and very quickly fell in love with the instrument. 

Jacob describes his playing as “Playing with pure passion, creativity, and emotion, where others see, and hear the passion when watching”. Jacob plays all kinds of genres, but his main choices consist of EDM, Metal, Rap, and Pop genres. 

Jacob’s biggest dream is to one day gain the privilege to do what he loves full time, and go on world tour to show his passion to the world. Jacob says his biggest inspiration for drumming is his Father, which is where it all started. 

His advice for others is “If you really love doing something, no matter what on earth it may be, never, ever give up on that dream. If you want something, and you are passionate about it, you can go out there and prove everyone wrong, and achieve it”. Check out Jacob's INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE CHANNEL



Michael was born in New Orleans LA but raised in Tulsa ok. He has played the drums since he was 12 years old totaling 23 years of experience thus far. He started at school in Bixby Oklahoma and continued on to playing at his local church youth group. His background consists of jazz to rock. His passion to play really started when his youth group opened for a major Christian heavy metal group called Disciple. His major influences are Benny Cothren (old friend), Chad Szeliga (Breaking Benjamin) and Gabe Helguera (IPrevail). He now plays for a rock band called CloZure out of southern Alabama. They are inline to release their album in April/May 2022. They are scheduled to start touring in May-June and again in August-September. He loves his new Red Cymbals because of the versatility they have. The dark undertones are something he is passionate about for his particular style and sound. Red has delivered on that and fits him perfectly.

Check out Michael's Band CloZure:   CloZure's Website

Michael plays: Red Cymbals 18" FX Dark Crash, 18" Explosive Crash, 20" Dark Crash, 18" Maestro fx China, 20" Hybrid Ride and 15" Traditional Dark Hi-hats. 



Caleb Franklin is the official touring/ recording drummer for the southern rock n roll group “Framing the Red” based out of Jackson, Mississippi USA. “Framing the Red” is signed to the legendary Malaco/Old Trace Record label in Mississippi known for producing hits such as “old time rock n roll” and artists such as James Brown.

Caleb has been playing and studying drums and percussion for 13+ years so far and has even studied and majored in music on the college level before joining “FTR” full time in late 2017. Since joining he has played 400+ shows in his first year and a half and just recently released a new recording, “Mississippi Heat”, via Old Trace Records available on all streaming platforms for your listening pleasure!

Check out Caleb’s INSTAGRAM and Framing the Red Do yourself a favour and check out Framing the Red’s music HERE



Dmitriy lives in the Seattle Area and is drummer/assistant to the worship director at Overcomer Covenant Church. He has been drumming for nearly 16 years and judging by his Instagram content, he's had an enormous amount of fun doing so. Dmitriy's “never enough” mindset helps advance his skills as well as having a great support system from other drummers and of course his mentors! Currently, Dmitriy's focus is to progress in producing music and put together live events with Overcomer Music.

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Chris played in his first band at the age of 11. Although his father insisted he play guitar, the allure of drums was too strong and he and his father joined a classic rock band in the early 80s called the Brent Creek Band.

A self-taught drummer, Chris started an originals band called The Condemned around 1990 at the age of 19 and began building a strong presence on the local metal scene. In May 2013, Chris joined 19TilDawn with his former Condemned bandmate and has since played shows with SOiL, Ded, Shallow Side, Texas Hippie Coalition, and many others. 19TilDawn were just signed with Rock Avenue Records USA and just released a new CD called The Human Race.

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A native of New York City and currently based in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Daniel began playing music at a young age later developing his craft in drum corps activities and military bands. His technical skills and unique sound are the results of formal study and years of experience performing on stages worldwide. A veteran who performed in a combat zone, Daniel holds an undergraduate performance degree and a graduate degree in education/students with disabilities. Daniel leads DaMoJo, a unique jazz trio also featuring Morrie Louden and Jon Ballantyne. He also performs and records with Lehcats (NYC), Pablo Batista (Philadelphia), and Joe Orrach (San Francisco). Locally, Daniel stays busy working with numerous bands including Erin McLelland, La Cuchina, Last Thursday Band, Pentley Holmes, John Brown & The Hatchets, Elohquin, Will Kiss, NEEMA, and more. When it comes to performing, Daniel draws from his vast experiences to serve the music. See more at As a teacher, Daniel connects his love for drumming with a deep interest in positive social-emotional and mental health. When teaching his craft, Daniel strives to teach students how to access and express their authentic voice. "It's about rhythm, but it's not all about the drums," and students gain more than just drumming skills. "When you feel good, you sound good."



Daniel Jesse began playing when he was 12 years old. He studied the drums for several years and joined his first band (Midnight Rose) when he was 17 years old in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Throughout the years Daniel played in a couple different band projects throughout the 80’s and 90’s and in 1994, Daniel and a high school friend created a rock band ‘Struck by Lightning’. They were successful in actively playing the local Salt Lake City club scene through the mid-nineties.


Find out more about Daniel Jesse:

Facebook Website 



When Gary was 8 years old his parents took him to Disney and there he witnesses a live drummer for the first time his words where “Can I stay here and watch all day?”. Born and raised in California he played his first gig in 7th grade at a school dance. Playing with cover band’s all through High School gave a good foundation for his next step. Welcome to Hollywood in the 80’s. Currently he is Playing and Recording with Roxx Records recording artists “Fear Not”, and is also the House Drummer for DP City Church. Fear Not is Scheduled to play several Christian Music festivals this summer in support of their up coming release due out in early June. “Using RED Traditional cymbals on this record Has been amazing and I can’t wait to take them on the road” 



Self-taught drummer, Jamie Sharp, was 11 when he first began playing and immediately found his niche. At age 15, he helped start his first band and progressed from there to Scar Strangled Banger, where he was finally old enough to begin playing the bar scene. He joined Az-Iz as an original member in 1993 opening for such acts as Quite Riot, Vince Neil and Wild Side, in 1998 the band dissolved. He joined Cartoon Criminals shortly thereafter and they opened for the artist, Kid Rock. He was a member of nationally touring band, Sig 9 and played several shows across America with artists such as Five Foot Thick and Dope.

In 2016, Az-Iz reformed and Jamie took up his sticks again. The band released a 5 song EP in 2018 and has toured throughout Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada. They are currently working on new material and setting new tour dates. 


Jamie plays the Fire Series:

22" Ride, 19" China, 20" bright ride used as a crash, 19" Crash
14" Hi-hats and a 19" fx crash.




Jonathan Thomazin (or JT) has been playing drums for 16 years and started taking lessons from Red Cymbal Artist, Krystal Lindsey. He was also raised in the church, Harvest Christian Fellowship, in Riverside CA. Where his father was part of the worship and praise team there. JT started playing on worship teams shortly after starting drum lessons and instantly found a place where he felt like he belonged. He is also a multi-instrumentalist and music producer from his studio in Riverside California. JT says that "I fell like I am the closest to God that I can possibly be when I am worshiping Him. There's nothing else like it on earth!". He has played in all sorts of styles over the years, from Big Bands style genre, to Heavy Metal. He loves to take all the styles he has played and incorporate them into the worship songs he plays. JT is so excited to be a part of Red Cymbals, where He feels like he can continue to grow as an artist.

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 Music has always been a major part of Krystal’s life, starting on guitar but nothing compared to her first moment on the drums.  Krystal was 10 years old and her dad was having a band practice and were jamming, she noticed there was an open kit and grabbed the sticks and sat down and within a few seconds fell head over heels with the drums.

Krystal has played in a variety of band over the years and currently serves also in her local church as well as regularly gigging with original project ‘Something Real’ and cover band ‘Johnny on the Spot.

Find out more about Krystal at her WEBSITE also follow her on Instagram and SUBSCRIBE to Krystal on YouTube.




 Kyle earned his BA in Music Education from the University of Northern Colorado in 2009. While at UNC Kyle performed with the Jazz Bands, Jazz Combos, Percussion Ensembles, and the Wind Ensemble. After graduating, Kyle accepted a job as the Assistant Band Director in Childress, TX. After 1 year Kyle became the Head Director where the band earned just the 2nd sweepstakes in school history. While in Childress Kyle joined the band Atteberry Station and began playing all over the Panhandle of Texas and Oklahoma. Kyle is now the Head Band Director at Caprock High School in Amarillo, TX. He still performs with Atteberry Station and as a freelance drummer. He performs regularly with his jazz trio Bomb City Rhythm and other local jazz ensembles. Kyle lives in Amarillo with his wife Heather, and his 4 Children, Jaxon, Ryder, Miles and Brynn. Kyle is an endorser of Treehouse Drums, Red Cymbals, Innovative percussion and RTom.

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Born in the heart of Newark, New Jersey was a child who was blessed with a true musical gift. God allowed this gift to flourish within Lawrence ‘L-Mo’ Moses at the age of 6 in which one day Lawrence would share his drumming passion with the world. Just as all artists have to begin to show their works somewhere, Lawrence began to play the drums for his home church at the young age of 8. While in middle school, Lawrence learned the difference in just playing the drums, and having a great knowledge of what one is playing. Through dedicated rudimental practice, which also consisted of studying and playing the drums, Lawrence grew strongly and skillfully as a musician.

Staying both humble and faithful to his gift, Lawrence has played for a few local artists in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey and also with some of the best musicians in the tri-state area. Currently, Lawrence teaches drums and is the drummer for his up and coming Christian band The remnants of Levi.

Check out Lawrence’s INSTAGRAM and YouTube







Michael is a worship drummer from St George Utah and has been playing drums since 2012.

He has played with multiple different churches along with performing live outside of church and recording tracks.

Aside from drumming Michael works as an intern doing worship production: building tracks and organizing Sunday night services.

Check out Michael’s INSTAGRAM and SMCC St George




At the age of 3, Sam started playing drums, well, banging on pots. He would listen to his mum play music, take out pots and cooking sticks and start banging on the pots which led to his family buying him his first drum kit. 

Sam then started playing drums more at church and improved by playing a lot, watching other drummers and replicating their chops and licks. A few years ago, Sam joined “The Dissidents”. He has traveled to Eastern Europe and Canada and recorded with them.




Stacy "Groove Girl" Norris is a Chicago-based drummer.  Stacy has been influenced by the unique heritage and continued evolution of the Chicago blues and jazz sounds and plays in 2 blues-inspired bands.  She started drumming at an early age encouraged by her father and has not looked back! Her love for the blues was consolidated when she had the opportunity to participate at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in 2018, 2019, and 2020.  Since then, she has played at major venues and festivals throughout the U.S. in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio, and internationally in other projects. She has received both a Chicago Music Award (with the Instinct in 2018) and an Intercontinental Music Award (with MudCity Blu in 2020).  Now, in college at the University of St. Francis (Joliet, IL.), she is pursuing a degree in Digital Audio and Recording Arts, but continues to perform and spread her love for the blues which she considers her family and city heritage.  As a Blues drummer, she loves the stories the blues tells and tries to enhance the story with her playing. Stacy enjoys working with Red Cymbals because in addition to the quality products the company carries, its mission fits her life vision. She believes in the power of music to eliminate barriers of any kind and as a tool for inclusion and healing.

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Tony is a session drummer and private instructor based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s an honors graduate from the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, where he was mentored by Grammy winning drummer for TLC, Tom Knight. After college, he toured with various artists throughout the east coast, before packing everything up and moving across the country to Sin City, Las Vegas. Tony has played with various cover bands in every casino on the strip, but the majority of his drumming career is occupied by teaching students of every age group and skill level. After more than 5 years of private instruction, he’s helped over a thousand students progress and enhance their drumming abilities, including various Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, and other large show performers throughout the city. Tony believes in promoting positive mental health through music and arts, and is elated to start his journey with Red Cymbals. Be sure to check out his Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages for video lessons and cover songs.

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Wilson Asencio is a multi instrumentalist based in the Southern California. Wilson currently plays at Water of Life Community Church in Fontana, CA and Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, CA. He has played on many records and has played for many different artists such as Phil Wickham, Matthew West, Mack Brock, Martin Smith (from Delirious) and Brennley Brown (from the Voice).

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