Warranty Terms

Red Cymbals are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

What is Covered?
Any manufacturing default such as a separation in the metal or lathing on the main body of the cymbal.

What is Not Covered? Edge/Bell Cracks/Key Holing/Dents/‘Flea Bites’

Edge cracks (and dents): are obvious signs of incorrect technique or playing outside the parameters of what would be considered ‘reasonable use’ of the cymbal or it’s intended purpose. Using any cymbal in a ‘stack’ unless specifically sold as a ‘stacker’ would not be considered ‘reasonable use’.

Dents: Mishandling the cymbal, such as dropping it on its edge, is not covered under our warranty, therefore a cymbal that is cracked due to a nick or dent in the edge is not due to a material or manufacturing defect.

Key Holing: when the centre hole is worn irregularly or has cracks, this generally indicates the nylon sleeve on the stand is worn or not used.

Cracks Around the Bell: This is caused by mounting the cymbal too tightly and restricting the movement of the cymbal thus causing unnecessary pressure on the bell. To avoid this: mount your cymbals loosely and don’t tighten the nut to restrict cymbal movement or use thick unyielding felts or other items.

Flea Bites are rust spots that can appear on cymbals if not stored in a dry environment or cleaned improperly. These do not appear on cymbals if stored in a quality cymbal bag or case and if cleaned with a cymbal specific cleaner.

Cleaning: Wipe/buff your cymbals with a microfiber or soft cloth after use. Do not use Brasso, Windex and citrus based or abrasive cleaners. This will void your warranty and may remove the logo on the cymbal.

Playing technique: We suggest playing the cymbals mounted lower and on a slight angle toward the drummer as well as playing with a sweeping motion across the cymbal rather than hitting down on the cymbal. Mounting the cymbals high and flat or angled toward the audience may cause exertion of irregular force on the edge of the cymbal, potentially causing them to crack prematurely.

Warranty Process
Email info@redcymbals.com clear photographs depicting the fault, a description of your warranty claim and your sales receipt. Your receipt is essential for making a warranty claim.

* Red Cymbals are not responsible for covering the shipping costs to return a cymbal or shipping out a replacement cymbal.

** We will not replace a cymbal more than once.

If you have any questions about the warranty outlined above please email us and we will be happy to help.