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Red Cymbals

Custom Order Crash Cymbal

Custom Order Crash Cymbal

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Make a Custom Order for the Crash Cymbal of your dreams!

Once you make your order - we will get in touch and work out the specifics of what you would like and get it made. Have in mind the following:
Sound: dry / dark / bright etc...
Look: how you want it to look
Size: let us know the size in inches that you want.
Weight: be certain of the gram weight that you want - it determines the sound.
Reference Video: a YouTube link to a similar sounding cymbal will help.

Custom Logos are also available at an extra cost due to set up fees etc...

There are various payment methods available BUT why not use the LayBy / LayAway option at checkout to make progressive payments while we make your cymbal.

If we custom make you a cymbal or make a cymbal for you that we don't have in stock just be aware that the process of making a cymbal can take up to 8 weeks before shipping. Therefore we suggest allowing 8-9 weeks from the time of ordering for shipping and processing. We will stay in touch with you and keep you informed of the progress of the cymbal being made.

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