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Red Cymbals

Red Cymbals Red Logo with fx Cymbal on back Hoodie / Hooded Sweatshirt - Made in Australia

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Get yourself a premium hoodie / hooded sweatshirt - with a pocket logo on the front and a Dark Series fx Crash Picture on the back.

Customisations available - get your favourite cymbal from our range on your hoodie!

You don't have to be a drummer to wear a Red Cymbals Hoodie By purchasing this hoodie you are helping us support 3 great organisations which help people in their moment of need: Support Act, Missing Persons Advocacy Network and Just One Cambodia.

Support Act helps music industry workers and musicians in Australia, Missing Persons Advocacy Network helps families in their search for missing loved ones and Just One Cambodia helps by training people in Cambodia to build businesses and in skills to find better paying employment to support their families and the community around them.