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Snare Weight

Snareweight Fader F1 / Top AND Bottom heads

Snareweight Fader F1 / Top AND Bottom heads

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The all new Fader F1 Series for both the bottom resonant drum heads AND top heads. They are used to "control the sustain" and degree of dampening with a dial from 1-5 or "off" for none at all if needed.

For those drummers looking to tighten up your toms and especially floor, getting rid of the warble of the bottom head, controlling the decay and punch, this one is for you. Especially good for recording.

USE: By moving the slider button you can choose different amounts of head dampening all the way to an "off" position. Also, there is a nob to loosen or tighten tension of the leather damper that meets the drum head as well.

For Use With Triple Flange Hoops and Die Cast Only

UPC: 757284986109

Brand: Snareweight

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