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Red Cymbals

Red Cymbals - Colour Series Red/Black/Purple Drumsticks - 7A/7B/5A/5AX/5AA/5B/2B - USA Hickory

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Tip Style

Red Sticks are made of the finest quality US Hickory - a popular/durable wood used to make drum sticks. We offer them in Round or Acorn Tips. We don't make our sticks with nylon tips (sorry to the lovers of nylon tips).

Wood selection, drying process, manufacturing quality control are all monitored carefully during production we also ensure that all the wood sources and harvesting and replenishment process are carefully controlled.

The new 5AX 'Extreme' sticks have extra length, providing longer reach and capacity. The taper on these sticks is medium.

  • 7A STANDARD         = L: 15.7″     D: 0.53″
  • 7B  STANDARD        = L: 15.7″     D: 0.55″
  • 5A STANDARD         = L: 15.9″     D: 0.57″
  • 5AX EXTREME           = L: 16.5″     D: 0.565″
  • 5AA STANDARD      = L: 16.1″      D: 0.59″
  • 5B STANDARD         = L: 16.1″      D: 0.61″
  • 2B STANDARD         = L: 16.54″   D: 0.645″